Quartz Vs Granite

Choosing new countertops

Here are 5 tips for choosing countertops for your next kitchen or bathroom renovation:

Tip #1: Match countertops to your colour scheme: What is the current (or soon-to-be) colour scheme in your room or home? Make sure you choose a countertop colour or pattern that doesn’t clash with your existing decor and colour schemes. Also consider how your countertops will complement any hardware, plumbing fixtures, or lighting in the room. Another trick is to choose lighter and neutral colours in smaller rooms to help the room feel bigger or brighter.


Tip #2: Consider how your countertops will be used: Is your countertop in a high traffic area and could get scratched? Will there be liquids on or near by (like sinks or food prep areas)? When choosing countertops consider how durable you need the material to be. Ask about countertop materials that are scratch or stain resistant. If needed, you can often add a sealant on top to help prevent liquids or oil from seeping into the material.



Tip #3: Be aware of different maintenance requirements: Ask how you can keep your countertops looking like new. Do you need to use a special cleaning solution? What about reapplying of any protectant seals?


Tip #4: See your countertop options in a showroom: If you need to see and feel before you buy, ask to see the countertop material up close in a mock room showroom setting so you can see how it looks in a real life scenario. Some companies may have software where you can digitally mock-up your room to see how different countertops would look in your space.


Tip #5: Weigh all costs, not just materials: While the “sticker price” is important, you’ll also need to consider customization costs (to cut your countertops to your exact specifications), transportation (how will you get your countertops from the warehouse to your house), and installation costs (unless you’re an expert DIYer).


Pro Experience Half our clients go with granite, and half go with a quartz surface. Most who want modern kitchens, choose quartz for its consistency. Using a dramatic marble backsplash 

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