Marble Countertops

Although Marble is a soft and porous stone, it is still quite durable if sealed properly. Used for both indoor and outdoor applications, Marble is a good choice if you want fancy edging or extra fabrication as it is easier to sculpt than most other natural stone. Its naturally elegant and cool surface makes it ideal for rolling out dough and pastries. Marble can also be used opulently for walls, stairs, flooring, sculptures, benches, and other decorative applications. Available in many finishes, such as polished, tumbled, and honed, no two cuts of Marble will be alike, as various vein patterns and coloring make each piece unique. Even though Marble can be highly susceptible to acidic damage, cuts and stains, most damages can be repaired. If sealed when installed and then again every few years, maintaining the graceful finish of your Marble is worthwhile. Classically beautiful, Marble is a symbol of tradition and refined taste.

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Marble is metamorphosed limestone. It is composed of somewhat pure calcite, which is a form of calcium carbonate. Below the earth’s surface through heat, pressure and chemical processes, original limestone rocks re-crystallized together to form the very tight crystalline structure called Marble. Pure white marble is from very pure limestone. Marble with vein and swirl patterns come from the various minerals of clay, silt, sand, and iron oxides that were present in, or on, the limestone before it succumbed to these metamorphic processes. Since the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans, Marble has been prized for its ability to be sculpted and polished to a ‘waxy’ like finish allowing the stone to ‘glow’ or ‘come to life’. Throughout the world, historic and iconic examples of Marble buildings, sculptures and monuments remain, (the Parthenon in Athens, the Pisa Cathedral in Italy, the Taj Mahal in Agra, India), continuing to enchant and delight us with its beauty. For more information about Marble and our selection please give a call at 250-881- 1001 and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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We carry a variety of granite, marble, and quartz for countertops, tiles, backsplashes, bath and shower surrounds. We also offer custom cutting for bathrooms, fireplaces, and signs. Located in Victoria, BC and serving all of Vancouver Island, we have in-town and in-house fabrications, so you can either pick up your order or have our team of experienced professionals install it for you.