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We are you locally owned Victoria Granite Countertop company. Our specialty is custom granite countertops. From fabrication to installation we do it all and we’ve seen it all.  We hear a lot of the same granite countertop questions day after day. Today we thought we’d answer our most commonly asked Granite countertops questions. Our Granite countertop faqs page tackles the most commonly asked questions from colour and care to maintenance and repair.

Frequently Asked Granite Countertop Questions

Do you have Questions regarding granite countertops? How do you care for them? How and when do you cleaning them? What about scratches and repair.  Granite countertops are more than just a current trend in kitchen aesthetics. The stone is durable and provides a beautiful aesthetic. If you’re wondering what questions should you ask before buying your new countertop you’ve come to the right place.

General Questions

Where does granite come from?

Granite is an igneous rock. Granite is a literal building block of humanity.
Canada’s Hudson Bay area is all granite bedrock. These rocks are part of the Canadian Shield and some of the oldest rocks on the continent. Found all over the world we usually see granite in the quarry. Some rare granite is mined under the ocean floor.

What is the difference between marble and granite countertops?

There are 3 main differences between granite and marble countertops:

  • The look.
  • The maintenance, and
  • The care of the stones.

Marble is a more delicate natural stone than granite. Marble is softer and scratches more easily the granite.

How Strong is granite?

Granite is a tough material. It is a very strong stone and durable natural stone. The actual strength of each specific piece of granite depends on the stone.

What are some of the granite countertop colors?

There are hundreds of colors and hundreds of color combinations. The colors can be bright or subdued, bold or soft. There are a lot of beautiful patterns as well. Veins, dots, sparkles, you see all sorts of thing in Granite. Picking a countertop can be fun especially when you see all the spectacular options.

Why do granite colours vary throughout the slab?

Granite colours are always different between pieces and within pieces. Often within the slab itself, there are different colours. You should know that there are always imperfections as Granite is a natural product. If you’d rather a perfect countertop with no variation, talk to one of our experts they’ll guide you.

What are granite color charts?

When you go into a countertop shop you’ll see booklets. Granite color charts are small pieces of stone in those booklets. You can use these color charts to compare different colors and patterns.

Caring for Your Granite Countertop Questions

How do I care for my granite countertop?

Granite countertops are really easy to care for. Soap and water are great for daily cleaning. We often recommend once a week use a natural stone cleaner. This will help you maintain the sealer and shine. Of course, stay away from abrasives and acidic cleaners like vinegar or bleach.

Can you damage granite countertops?

Granite is much harder than marble and can withstand heat and cold. However, high impact blows can harm and damage granite. Granite can chip. Chipping can also occur with granite, so you must be careful not to drop things on it.

Does granite scratch?

As we’ve said granite is very durable. Granite can only be scratched by something harder than itself. Diamonds would be a good example of something that can and will scratch a granite counter.

Does granite stain?

Granite doesn’t stain if sealed properly. If left unsealed granite will be susceptible to stains because, like all stone, it is porous. If you leave a liquid on the granite surface for an extended amount of time, it may leave a dark spot. This stain will fade once the countertop dries. If properly sealed before installation, stains should not be a problem. If your granite countertop gets stained there are stain removers. Granite can absorb substances like oils, which can cause spots or discoloration.

Can granite be repaired if damaged?

Granite is extremely hard to damage, but if it does happen there are ways to fix it. A crack or etch can be sealed with a mixture of granite and epoxy. We have experts in the shop that help with this very thing and we can honestly say it doesn’t happen often.

Can I cut on granite countertops or put hot pots on the surface?

You can cut right on your granite countertops but we recommend you don’t. You’ll probably want to use a cutting board. Granite is one of the hardest stone substances. That being said, if you do decide to cut directly on your granite countertops you can expect dull knives. Another thing to note is little slivers from the knife can become embedded in your counter. These slivers are really noticeable on dark stone. These slivers are also hard to remove.

You can put hot pots directly on granite countertops. It is important to note that the granite will absorb the heat from the pot and your countertop will be hot to the touch. Even after you remove the pot from the surface.

Do granite countertops harbor bacteria?

There are no current records saying that Granite can harbor bacteria. Granite is often chosen and used in the food industry and medical industry. With regular care & cleaning, there is little chance that granite will harbor bacteria. Granite is said to be far more sanitary than butcher block and laminated materials.

What is the best way to clean granite countertops?

Granite countertops are sealed before they installed. This guarantees there beauty. Sealed granite still needs to be cleaned regularly. Mild dish soap and water are fine for daily cleaning. It is recommended that once a week you use a natural stone cleaner to help maintain the seal and shine. It is also recommended to stay away from abrasive or acidic cleaners like vinegar or bleach. If your granite countertop gets stained, there are easy-to-use stain removers available.

Buying Granite Countertop Questions

Should I see my stone before ordering it?

We always recommend this but it isn’t mandatory. Remember, each piece of granite is unique. Colors and tones may be lighter or darker from one slab to the next. The patterns may also vary.

Are granite countertops expensive?

Granite countertops are an investment. That investment lasts a long time because granite is a long-lasting material. In the past granite was expensive. Nowadays thanks to technology granite is very affordable. Installing granite countertops will last for years and years.

How do you match granite countertops with cabinets?

The best way to match your granite with your cabinets is to use granite color charts or samples. We recommend looking at the stone samples in different lighting. Also, look at the granite sample in different areas of your kitchen.

Will my cabinets support granite counters?

Yes, usually. The weight of the granite is spread over a large surface area so it should be no problem. Cabinets seldom need reinforcement to support granite countertops.

Will granite countertops raise the value of my home?

Yes, granite countertops raise the value of a home. This is because granite is a durable and long-lasting stone surface. Granite countertops are very complimentary to any decorative style. This makes them an important investment for years to come.

What are some of the other uses of granite?

Granite can be and is used on exteriors and interiors of homes. You’ll also see granite used in many commercial buildings. You’ll often see granite used for shower surrounds, flooring and many other things.

Why should I choose granite over other materials?
Granite is one of the top choices when it comes to countertops. Professionals like architects, designers, and contractors often choose granite first. Granite considered an industry standard.

Where should I buy my granite countertops?

You can buy your stone countertops from us. We do fabrication in-house and we take care of the installation. Ask your contractor, call us, or drop in on our location.

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Exotic Stone kitchen countertops

Granite is a very strong, durable, scratch resistant and easy to maintain surface. If sealed properly, Granite won’t absorb liquid or stains, won’t harbor bacteria, and can handle some heat from appliances or warm pots. It’s naturally cool surface is great for rolling candy or dough. Annual resealing of the countertops keeps this beautiful stone looking great and protected from everyday wear and tear.

Readily available in many shapes, patterns and thicknesses, Granite is a great choice if you want to bring a sense of luxury into your home. We have precut slabs to choose from as well as the ability to custom cut and edge according to your project. With proper care and a little annual maintenance, your granite countertops can last a lifetime.

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Slabs of this natural stone are colored all the way through with many different patterns of veins, specks and swirls to choose from. Once cut and polished, every luminous piece is a unique one-of- kind treasure. Its beauty combined with its hard and tough properties is what makes it so desirable. One of the best known igneous rocks, Granite is made up of large, course-grained, random arrangements of tightly packed minerals formed under the conditions of intense heat, solidified from magma. Classic granite has a salt and pepper look. The minerals quartz and feldspar endow granite its lighter coloring of pinks and whites, while the most common black minerals in granite are black mica and black amphibole.

Used thousands of years ago by the ancient Egyptians, Granite has been quarried for use in construction, columns, monuments, sculptures and other decorative elements. Some of the most famous monuments and memorials are made of granite. Mount Rushmore, Diana Princess of Whales Memorial Fountain, and the architecture and carvings at the world heritage site of Mahabalipuram in India, just to name a few.

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